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Our cornerstone, the Lymphedema Blueprint Course, sets a new standard in comprehensive care education for anyone with Lymphedema.

We are the North American exclusive distributors of the revolutionary Fast'n Go Hybrid Compression Bandages & offer personalized advocacy consulting for lymphedema patients.

Steering our vision is Amy Rivera, combining her experience as a lymphedema patient and former nurse with her roles as a bestselling author and international speaker to advocate for better lymphedema care. Highly respected as a consultant, Amy guides healthcare providers and patients, offering strategies to enhance treatment and awareness. Her work continues to inspire and empower individuals across the globe.

Join us in redefining lymphedema management and patient empowerment.

Image Of The Lumphedema Blueprint Course
Image Of The Lumphedema Blueprint Course

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Master Your Lymphedema Care with the Lymphedema Blueprint Course

Master Your Lymphedema Care with the Lymphedema Blueprint Course: Ideal for patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals!

This course blends expert instruction with interactive content, empowering you with the skills to improve care and enhance quality of life.

Click below now to UNLOCK the Lymphedema Blueprint Course, a transformative online learning experience crafted by Amy Rivera.

Join us and unlock a world of empowerment and expertise in lymphedema management.

This comprehensive program is specifically designed to provide patients and caregivers with in-depth knowledge and practical strategies for managing lymphedema.

We encourage healthcare professionals to refer this course to their patients, as it combines expert instruction with interactive content.

This empowers both patients and caregivers with the skills needed to effectively manage the condition and enhance quality of life.

Join us and unlock a world of empowerment and expertise in lymphedema management.

Fast'n Go Hybrid Compression Bandages

Image Showing The Application Of A Full Leg Kit From Fast N' Go Wraps
Image Showing The Application Of A Full Leg Kit From Fast N' Go Wraps

Simple, Safe, & Convenient

Welcome to a new era of self-care where convenience meets cutting-edge technology to transform your lymphedema management. The first real innovation for bandaging in decades!

Tailored for Comfort and Effectiveness

Experience the perfect blend of comfort and therapeutic compression. Fast'n Go Bandages adapt to the contours of your body, providing consistent pressure that promotes optimal lymph flow while ensuring you stay comfortable throughout the day.

This patented hybrid technology combines the efficacy of inelastic bandages with the safety of long stretch bandages.

Image Of The Benefits Of Fast N' Go's Elastic & Inelastic bandages
Image Of The Benefits Of Fast N' Go's Elastic & Inelastic bandages
Image Of Fast N' Go's Easy DIY Application
Image Of Fast N' Go's Easy DIY Application

Unmatched Ease of Use

Our Fast'n Go Bandages are designed with a patented fastening system that makes application and adjustment a breeze. Whether you're at home or on the move, enjoy the freedom to maintain your lymphatic health effortlessly.

Innovation At Its Finest

Our unique connector system is user friendly, easy to use, and saves time. Creating less hassle connecting the end of the first bandage to the beginning of the second bandage easily.

picture of fFast N' Go's Double-Hook Design
picture of fFast N' Go's Double-Hook Design

Here is what others are saying about Fast'n Go


I love my Fast’n Go bandages. They have been the best thing I have ever found for my active lifestyle.

Laura Lambert


“I love the fast and go hybrid bandaging because it’s effective and easy to use. Instead of having to use multiple bandages, I can wrap my entire arm in a single bandage. It takes less time and definitely less maintenance! I would recommend fast n go for home management of lymphedema!”

Emilia Dewi, OTD, CLT-LANA, CBIS

picture of amy rivera
picture of amy rivera

Explore collaboration opportunities with Amy Rivera for interviews, podcast guest appearances, or featuring the story of Rivera Hybrid Solutions in your blog. Connect with Amy to share her insights and innovations in lymphedema care and advocacy, bringing valuable content to your audience

Patient Advocacy Consulting

Experience personalized guidance and support with Amy Rivera’s Patient Advocacy Consulting. As a lymphedema patient and expert, Amy offers one-on-one sessions tailored to empower and educate individuals on managing lymphedema effectively.

From navigating healthcare systems to learning self-care techniques, Amy’s empathetic approach and in-depth knowledge ensure you have the tools and confidence for improved quality of life.

Embrace a partnership that transforms your lymphedema journey into a story of empowerment and resilience.

Patient Advocacy Consulting Testimonials


Working with Amy has been a game-changer in my lymphedema journey. Her one-on-one sessions are not just informative but deeply personal. She listens and understands. I feel empowered and supported. I can't recommend her enough!

Jennifer - Secondary Lymphedema Thriver


Amy Rivera's one-on-one coaching exceeded my expectations. She goes beyond the basics. Her emotional and practical aspects of living with lymphedema has helped me. Her genuine care makes a world of difference. Highly recommended!

Ashley - Primary Lymphedema Thriver

Meet Amy Rivera - A World Class, Revolutionary, Inspirational Lymphedema Specialist

Amy Rivera's life story is a testament to resilience and advocacy. Born with primary lymphedema, she overcame years of misdiagnosis and isolation to become a leading voice for the lymphedema community.

Her determination led her to found the Ninjas Fighting Lymphedema Foundation, providing support and sparking a global dialogue on the condition.

Amy's innovative contributions, including introducing Fast'n Go Hybrid Compression Bandages, highlight her commitment to improving care and awareness for those living with lymphedema.

This Is An Image Of Amy Rivera
This Is An Image Of Amy Rivera
Image Of Amy Rivera On Stage
Image Of Amy Rivera On Stage

Empowering Narratives: Amy Rivera's Inspirational Keynote Speaking

Amy Rivera is a highly sought-after speaker, specializing in topics that resonate across various audiences—from churches and corporate settings to educational institutions. With a unique ability to blend subject-matter expertise with storytelling, Amy engages her audiences in a manner that is both enlightening and inspiring.

Whether discussing healthcare advocacy, professional development, or social responsibility, her presentations are customized to meet the specific needs of each audience.

Renowned for her dynamic delivery and ability to connect, Amy equips attendees with actionable insights that can be immediately applied, making every engagement not just an event, but a transformative experience.

Amy's Keynote Testimonials


Amy Rivera's keynote was nothing short of transformative. Her ability to share her personal journey with lymphedema in such a captivating way resonated with everyone in the audience. It was a powerful and inspiring experience that left a lasting impact.

Karen - Washington University in St. Louis


Amy Rivera's speech is a must-see! Her ability to connect with the audience on a personal level is remarkable. Her storytelling is both moving and empowering, leaving everyone inspired to face their own challenges with newfound strength.

Jackie - Women Empowering Women

This Is An Image Of The Drop The Skirt Book Written By Amy Rivera Of Rivera Hybrid Solutions

Drop the Skirt - How My Disability Became My Superpower

Explore the empowering journey of the inspiring Amy Rivera in 'Drop the Skirt - How My Disability Became My Superpower.' This inspiring book delves into Amy's personal battles and triumphs with lymphedema, offering readers a heartfelt narrative of resilience, advocacy, and transformation. A must-read for anyone seeking to understand the challenges of living with a chronic condition and the power of turning adversity into strength. 'Drop the Skirt' is more than a story; it's a source of motivation and a beacon of hope for the lymphedema community and beyond.

In this candid memoir, Amy Rivera recounts her personal battle with primary lymphedema, a condition that left her grappling with not just physical challenges but also societal misconceptions and emotional hurdles. With a leg that was 200% larger than the other and a world that was often unkind, Amy’s story is one of confronting insecurities, embracing differences, and rewriting the script of what it means to live with a disability.

"Drop the Skirt" is more than Amy's story; it's a source of motivation. It's about finding your inner power in the face of adversity, the journey of self-acceptance, and the relentless pursuit of advocating for oneself and others. The book is laden with moments of vulnerability, triumph, and profound insights, making it a compelling read for anyone seeking inspiration to overcome their own obstacles.

Beyond personal narrative, this book is a beacon for the lymphedema community and an eye-opener for the world. Amy’s journey sheds light on the oft-misunderstood world of lymphedema, offering hope and a voice to those silently battling similar challenges.

Whether you're someone living with a disability, a healthcare professional, a caregiver, or just someone looking for a story of extraordinary courage, "Drop the Skirt" is a must-read. It's not just about surviving; it's about thriving. Get ready to be moved, inspired, and changed.

Drop the Skirt Reviews


I am so glad to have-- not just an advocate for those who are challenged with lymphedema--- but an advocate who knows the personal struggles, emotionally and physically as well. This book tells the excerpts of our daily lymphedema battle... It is a battle. Amy tells about the victories and the defeats with bold honesty and courage. If you know anyone who has a lymphatic disorder, please share this book with them. It is uplifting and encouraging. There may not be a cure for lymphedema yet, but there is definitely hope. Thank you Amy for sharing your hope with us.

Fenton Groff


This book takes you through every emotion from sadness, to empathy, anger, joy and happiness. The rollercoaster of life did not stop Amy from moving into her God given purpose in life. She is walking in the full will of the Father, and was created for such a time as this. To be a voice. To be a warrior. To be the example others need to help them get through and to their purpose. A life living through a disability and not being stopped by it. Wow!! Just wow!

W. Melrose

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